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Anonymous said:
❝ Since I first encountered No.6 over a year ago, there wasn't one day I didn't think about these two lovely boys.Even if I was busy with school or when I was on holidays. Where everI was something reminded me of No.6 or Shion/Nezumi >__<Now that there aren't any updates anymore I feel soooo sad. I'm afraidthe fandom will die. I don't want that I want people to love no.6 as much as I do.But at least I know that you love it and that you won't forget about it ❞

No.6 is the very thing that shaped my entire last year since August, 2011. It has given me so much my knees buckle under the weight of it. It truly changed my life. They aren’t idle words thrown about to entertain a fan with an obsessive statement. It REALLY DID change my life. If it wasn’t for No.6 I would NEVER meet the people I met here, I would NEVER get a job, I would NEVER have this fantastic… amazing, miraculous chance to go to the states and I would NEVER dare listen to the call of words and paper and ink and I would never write the way I do now even though writing has always been what I most wanted to do… everyday for the rest of my life. 

I will NEVER forget No.6 and I’ll NEVER lose my interest in it. Even when I am married (if ever one day) and have kids and when they are at school and I am home early I’ll still pick up the first volume of No.6 from my bookshelf, make myself a cup of hot chocolate and read the night of September 7th, 2013. When I hear my children arrive home and they find me crying I’ll go hug them, tell them they are precious and beautiful and announce that I’ll make them cherry cake. 

No.6 taught me that people can fall in love with stories. You can fall in love with books, characters, words and sentences. It is my first… and I doubt I’ll ever love another story this much for the rest of my life. And you never get over your first love, nor do you get over your last.

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