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"Congratulate us, Shionn." Inukashi lifted the tiny body up to the night sky, where the stars were winking. "Celebrate for us. For our present, and our future."

No.6 Manga Volume 6
No.6 Novel Volume 6 Chapter 2

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When he first gets his new apartment, Shion buys a twin bed and puts a pillow on the right side.. because Nezumi used to sleep on the right side. It fills up the empty space and makes the bed feel smaller.. more comfortable.

It barely works.
But he tries to sleep with his back to it. It’s easier to pretend that way.


The whole idea that Nezumi and Shion avoid saying the words “I love you" for the longest out of fear of themselves and the expectations it might force upon the other, but constantly showing this unyielding sort of love through simple hand gestures and the way they walk together or how their conversations can sometimes be spoken through glances in crowded rooms..
But when it finally comes out, it’s Nezumi who says it first because Shion’s been biting it back for so long he stopped feeling the need to say it because he shows it in all that he does, but Nezumi just wants Shion to hear it. And they both feel sort of silly after it’s all said and done because both of them were holding back when the other felt just as strongly.


I’m pretty sure shortly after Nezumi started to tire out on his journey for the first time and he stopped to sort of camp out or what not, he almost waited for Shion to catch up and take a seat beside him, just for an instant, as he untied his boot laces to give his soles a break, before in mid-lacing, he just slowed down and pressed his forehead to his knee and just let it sink in that he wasn’t going back, at least, in his mind at that point, he wasn’t going back.

He had left Shion behind, and Shion wouldn’t be following him.
Nezumi was again, completely alone, but this time, by choice.
And he rationalized that this was the price of leaving: being chased by ghosts of the past and countless almosts.


Just imagine Nezumi, during one night of his journey, getting walled up in some shabby apartment with just a wisp of light breaking through the curtains, and him waking up in the haze of sleep, shuffling off to use the small heater to boil some water, and him turning to ask if Shion wants some.. and then in that moment awakening fully to realize he’s completely alone and has been for years. And then just laughing at himself until he just sits down on the floor and tries to push out the memories of Shion being closed up in that tiny underground room with him for the best six months of his life.


“I want to be by your side. I want to be with you. That’s all I ask for. There’s no meaning in a world without you, Nezumi. No meaning at all.”

OTP: Nezumi x Shion (NO.6)

That awesome moment when you remember that technically, every single one of these images is canon, and they’re not even the most intimate scenes.

You’re sarcastic and you like to mock others, and hate seafood, you have bad sleeping habits. You’re well-read and have an extensive intellect, but you’re completely unorganized! You’re moody and even though you seem neurotic, you’re actually really sloppy! You like your soup scalding, and if I mess up the salt content even a little, you get super pissy! And last night, you kicked me out of bed three times in your sleep!

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